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The May 18 Toro Enduro #2 had to just be postponed to a later date due to the heavy rains and the weather forecast for rain on Saturday.

TORO ENDURO #2 - Information here.


Please Note-  
For the Toro Enduro we will be having HIGH SCHOOL DIVISIONS for the Junior racers.
This is the first High School Enduro Divisions that we know of in the USA! 
So do come to compete and make history for High School Gravity racing.  
Many Junior racers excel at Gravity Racing and love this discipline, so we very much wanted to set the standard for all to follow and offer HIGH SCHOOL DIVISIONS.
Varsity Division is for Expert & Pro level riders and all other racers can select from
Boys or Girls Junior Varsity, Sophomore and Freshman divisions.

Also, there will be other CCCX Gravity divisions that we have used in over the past 15+ years of bike rides in Toro Park.  These include the Clydesdale division, Single-Speed, and Hardtail divisions for both the Pro/Expert and Sport/Beginner groups.

Thankfully we have opportunity to ride these extra cool routes at Toro Park.
These are tune-up races for all the athletes towards future events such as the California Enduro Series and the Sea Otter Classic.

We will have the same timing and registration process as the California Enduro Series and we are super thankful to the California Enduro Series for their support of the CCCX Toro Enduro's!