MTB-DH 2010
Men $35.00
Women $35.00
Juniors $25.00
• Please do not walk backwards up the course to the start. Anyone who walks backwards up the course during race runs or practice will have their number plate pulled. Thank you!

 • All Races will be held at Toro Park - Located between Salinas and Monterey off of Hwy 68. Toro Park is 5 minutes East from laguna Seca Raceway. directions here.

 • Registration- Race day Reg. only. The day of Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. Fee- Adults 35$ Juniors 25$ 

 • Practice- The CCCX DH Series will use multiple courses during the 5 races contested. Each course will be marked and ready for inspection at 12:00 noon the day before competition. Park rules are in effect for non race day practice. For non race day practice please control your speed and follow all Toro park rules regarding bicycle trail use. Race day practice will be from 8:00 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. Please clear the course before the first timed run at 12:00 noon, to allow all riders a equal run on a clear course with no riders still practicing and in the way of a official race run. Anyone trying to get sessions of practice in after 12:00 noon on race day will be disqualifyed~ Please do not walk up the course backwards once timed runs have begun. 

 • Timed runs- Start at 12:00 noon. Riders will be started on course at one minute intervals. Riders select their start time at registration. 

 • Results & Awards- Will take place approximately 20 minutes after the final rider of the day. Results will usually take place between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. 

 • Medals- Will be awarded at each race for each division & CCCX Series points will be awarded to all riders who complete their run at each event. 

 • $Cash$- Will be awarded at each race to the top Men's and Women's fastest times. All divisions are eligible for the Cash payout. 

 • Final Series points- Total to be determined.

 • Series Prizes- Are determined by size of each Category for the season. 

 • Important Toro Park Rules: All Juniors must wear a bicycle helmet at all times when riding. No alcohol in Toro park please! Speed limit is strictly enforced inside Toro park, please drive slow! 

 • Please be courteous and friendly to other park users 

 • Parking- Please follow CCCX race signs to the designated race parking area. 

 • Info subject to change............. Please check web site a few days before each downhill event for course info and race status.

Please no crying or complaining.
Race hard and have fun! If you get beat give the other rider their credit. Do not be a poor loser.

Pro-Semi Pro 
Expert 19-34  
Expert 35-44  
Expert 45-54 
Expert 19-34  
Sport 35-44  
Sport 45-54 
Beginner 19-34  
Beginner 35-44 
Pro - All Ages 
Expert- All Ages
Sport- All Ages 
Beginner- All Ages
Junior Expert Boys
Junior 16-18 Boys
Junior 14-16 Boys 
Junior 13 & Under Boys
Junior 18 & Under Girls
Beginner 45-54  
55+ open
Hardtail - All Ages 
Single speed - All Ages
Clydesdale - 200+ lbs.
Pixie Bike 

Juniors must have a parent or guardian fill out a liability release form. 
Download and fill out your Release Form ahead of time 

Race Day Registration only, opens at 8am, timed runs start at 12 noon 
Directions to Toro Park 
Schedule (results linked after each race)
Race #1- March 20- Saturday
Race #2- April 11- Sunday
Race #3- May 9- Sunday
Race #4- June 13- Sunday

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Race #5- November 7- Sunday
Race #6- November 28- Sunday
Series Final- December 12- Sunday